Eucerin 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump Spray

Long-lasting protection against excessive sweating and odor

A lightly-fragranced antiperspirant deodorant with aluminium that is clinically proven to reduce sweating and protect against odor for 72 hours. Ideal for those who experience excessive sweating.

Antiperspirant deodorant spray

Eucerin’s Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump-Spray has been specially formulated for people suffering from excessive sweating. Its unique 72-hour formula gives you reliable, long-lasting protection against sweat and odor. It contains a high concentration of two highly effective anti-perspirant ingredients: Aluminium Chlorohydrate (ACH) and Aluminium Chloride (AC). Both prevent the build up of sweat and body odor, but AC penetrates deeper into the sweat pores, giving longer-lasting protection between applications.

Clinical and dermatological studies

Clinical and dermatological studies prove that the product significantly reduces perspiration and odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can changing my lifestyle affect the amount I sweat?

Changing your lifestyle can improve symptoms and make you feel better about yourself. Avoid spicy foods and alcohol. Wear loose clothing, ideally natural fibers – such as cotton – against your skin, and wear leather or canvas on your feet.

How do antiperspirants work?

Antiperspirants act on the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands, reducing sweat secretion. Because there’s less sweat you’ll notice less dampness and less odor. Antiperspirants contain active substances such as Aluminium Chlorohydrate (ACH) and Aluminium Chloride (AC). Eucerin 48h Anti-Transpirant Roll-On contains ACH and Eucerin 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump Spray contains both ACH and AC. AC molecules are smaller and have a lower pH value than ACH molecules so they can get even deeper into the sweat ducts and keep them closed for longer. Even small quantities of antiperspirant can effectively reduce sweating. You can read more about how deodorants and antiperspirants work in sweating – what it is and how it affects people.



  • To reduce your sweat production apply in the evening to clean, dry skin.
  • Shower as normal in the mornings. There is no need to re-apply or use an additional deodorant.
  • Apply every evening for the first three days– then every other evening, or as needed.
  • Leave to dry before putting on clothes to prevent staining

You’ll need to use the product less frequently over time. If you experience any irritation, try using the product less regularly. If symptoms persist, stop using the product.

Do not use if your skin is irritated or damaged or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Keep out of reach of children.

Deo for excessive sweating

Do's and Dont's

Use this product if …

Try a different product if …

You’re looking for an anti-perspirant that offers long-lasting odor protection:

Eucerin 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump Spray is clincially and dermatologically proven to offer 72-hour protection from sweat and odor.

You are prone to excessive sweating:

Eucerin 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump Spray is ideal for those who sweat excessively.

You’re looking for a long-lasting anti-perspirant in a roll-on format:

Try Eucerin 48h Anti-Transpirant Roll-On which is ideal for heavy sweating.

You prefer to use an aluminum-free product:

We recommend Eucerin 48h Aluminium-Free Deodorant Sensitive Skin Roll-On which is also alcohol-free.

You are prone to allergic reactions to fragrance and deo-intolerance caused by alcohol.

Eucerin Deodorants and Antiperspirants Effective protection from sweating and odor

The Eucerin deodorant and antiperspirant range includes products suitable for all skin types and needs:

  • Eucerin deodorants have been specially formulated to be well tolerated by sensitive skin so they’re ideal if you are prone to deodorant intolerance or have a skin condition such as Atopic Dermatitis.
  • Eucerin antiperspirants work to reduce and prevent sweating and are ideal for those who experience heavy or excessive sweating.

All products are clinically and dermatologically proven to offer effective, long-lasting protection.