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Sweating is entirely natural – it’s the body’s way of cooling down when it gets too hot – but we all sweat different amounts and have different needs when it comes to protection. In this article Anette Bürger, Research & Development at Eucerin, explains the research that went into understanding these different needs and how she and the team developed effective formulas to suit varying skin needs so there was a product in the range to suit everyone.

What do consumers want from deodorants and antiperspirants?

“Many people experience heavy sweating when they work out or spend time in a hot climate,” explains Anette Bürger, “but, on a day-to-day basis, they would describe the level they sweat as moderate or average.” Most find that an effective deodorant or mild antiperspirant normally delivers all the benefits they need in terms of protecting skin from body odor.

But some people find their product choices are limited due to deodrant intolerance. “People with particularly sensitive skin and conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis need to be sure that they are choosing a product that wont irriate their skin,”says Wolber.

And, for those that experience heavy or excessive sweating, deodorants and some inferior antiperspirants may not offer sufficient protection. “Part of the issue is the social stigma,” says Bürger.“Sufferers often feel ashamed of the symptoms and are embarrassed to seek help. It’s important that we understand what they need from a product.”

Eucerin researchers listened first-hand to sufferers talking about their experience of deodorant allergies, deodorant intolerance and/or heavy sweating

“Our first step before developing our deodorant and antiperspirant products was to talk to people with deodorant allergies and heavy and excessive sweating,” explains Bürger. “And we also listened to those they take advice from – dermatologists and psychologists.”

Our researchers kept hearing the same feedback. Sufferers told us that there was no single solution to their problem. They felt they had to make a choice – between long-lasting effectiveness and risk to irritation – to either pick a medicated product or choose a more skin-tolerant, but maybe less effective, cosmetic brand. “For people with heavy or excessive sweating this was a particular issue as the amount they sweat can be debilitating,” says Bürger.

What consumers wanted was products that could offer both long-lasting protection and excellent tolerability with sensitive skin.

Developing effective, skin-friendly products

Our skincare experts developed a range of effective, skin-friendly products.

“This dual need was our starting point for the Eucerin range,” explains Bürger. “And it’s a great brief for our scientists who already have an excellent reputation for creating medical skincare products that are both effective and well tolerated by sensitive skin.”

Eucerin deodorants for sensitive skin

Allergic reactions to deodorants and antiperspirants are commonly triggered by added fragrance. Alcohol, an ingredient in many products, is largely responsible for deodorant intolerance. 

“Our scientists developed gentle but effective formulas that offer 24-hour protection from body odor, and 48-hour protection in the case of the aluminium-free deodorant,”says Bürger. “Deodorants don’t prevent sweat,” she explains, “but fresh sweat doesn’t smell – it’s only when bacteria gets to work on it that odor forms.” The Eucerin formulas contain subtances that reduce the amount of bacteria produced and they restore skin to its natural, midly acidic pH to slow down the growth of that odor-producing bacteria.

The Eucerin range of deodorants for sensitive skin

Both Eucerin 24h Deodorant Sensitive Skin Pump Spray and Eucerin 24h Deodorant Sensitive Skin Roll-On are perfume- and alcohol-free. If you prefer a product without aluminium, try Eucerin 48h Aluminium-Free Deodorant Sensitive Skin Roll-On which contains a subtle fragrance and leaves skin feeling fresh and protected.

Eucerin antiperspirants for long-lasting protection

The aluminium salts in Eucerin antiperspirants work to reduce the amount of sweat produced
Eucerin antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are particularly effective at minimizing heavy sweating in the armpits. “They’re usually the first measure recommended by dermatologists as they’re non-invasive and small amounts can be quite effective,” says Bürger.

Eucerin 48h Anti- Transpirant Roll-On has been specially formulated to offer long-lasting protection while still being kind on skin. “It contains Aluminium Chlorohydrate, an aluminium salt that temporarily blocks the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat they produce,” explains Bürger. “The clogging is harmless and because there’s less sweat, odor is less able to develop.”

For people in need of a more intensive treatment for excessive sweating Eucerin scientists developed Eucerin 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump Spray. “Our intensive spray contains both Aluminium Chlorohydrate and Aluminium Chloride,” says Bürger. Both prevent the build up of sweat and body odor but, as he explains, “Aluminium Chloride molecules penetrate deeper into the sweat pores, giving longer-lasting protection between applications.“

Impressive results for Eucerin deodorants and antiperspirants

Eucerin 24h Deodorant Sensitive Skin Pump Spray and Eucerin 24h Deodorant Sensitive Skin Roll-On both deliver 24-hour protection from odor. Eucerin 48h Aluminium-Free Deodorant Sensitive Skin Roll-On offers 48-hour protection from odor. All three are clinically and dermatologically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin including skin with Atopic Dermatitis.

Clinical and dermatological trials amongst heavy sweaters have proven the effectiveness of Eucerin 48h Anti-Transpirant Roll-On and Eucerin 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump Spray.

“Our deodorants and antiperspirants are delivering the long-lasting effectiveness that people want whilst being kind on skin,” concludes Bürger. “And there’s a product in our range to suit all skin types and needs.”

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