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Eucerin AtopiControl

Phase-adapted care for atopic skin

Cream for Eczema flare-up

Dry, atopic skin

AtopiControl Acute Care Cream

  • Intensive care for an Atopic Dermatitis flare-up
  • Localised treatment for irritated and itchy patches of skin
  • For face and body
  • With Licochalcone A, Decanediol, Menthoxypropandiol and Ceramides
  • Soothes skin and supports a good night’s sleep1
  • Enhances quality of life1
  • Suitable for adults, children and babies over three months

1 When used alongside Eucerin AtopiControl Lotion. Source: Beiersdorf research, AtopiControl PiU claim support, May 2017

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for dry to very dry skin


Avoid over-exposure to sunlight, especially during summer.
Avoid using strong soaps and detergents.
Eat a healthy diet, which includes fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts.
Limit the time spent in the bath or shower.
Moisturise after bathing or showering.


for facial dry skin with wrinkles


Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water in order to maintain the production of collagen.
Get sufficient sleep to allow the skin to regenerate.
Moisturise your skin regularly in order to prevent dryness and to maintain the skin renewal process.
Sunscreen should be worn daily as the sun causes the most wrinkle-related skin damage.
Wear sunglasses also to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from the sun.

Deodorants & Anti-Transpirants

Skin-friendly, irritant-free deodorants and highly-effective anti-transpirants.


If you suffer from excessive transpiration, Eucerin’s most powerful formula is the 72 h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump-Spray. Proven in clinical studies to reduce sweat by an average of 91%.
If you suffer from strong, but not excessive, perspiration, and have sensitive or shaved skin, try Eucerin’s 48 h Anti-Transpirant Roll-On. Clinically proven efficacy.
If you’re intolerant to deodorant - or have a skin condition such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or armpit eczema - try Eucerin Sensitive Skin Deodorant, which offers 24-hour protection from odour.