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Instant tightness relief and long-lasting nourishment

Eucerin Lipo-Balance For dry and sensitive skin

Dry facial skin is often caused by a decrease in the skin’s natural production of lipids (or fats). When this happens, the skin is less effective as a protection barrier and feels sensitive, tight, rough and flaky.

Eucerin Lipo-Balance is an intensely nourishing cream that leaves skin soothed, relaxed, smooth and supple. By replenishing the lipid deficit skin's ability to restore it's hydro-lipid protection barrier is increased resulting in a long-lasting protection against dehydration.

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Apply moisturiser to skin that is still slightly damp. It will absorb more easily.
Cleansing – in the morning and the evening – is an important part of caring for dry skin.
Cold weather can be harsh on dry skin, so use an extra nourishing moisturiser.
Help to care for your skin by patting, rather than rubbing, it dry.