Aquaphor ointment for damaged skin

Clinically proven to repair dry to very dry, cracked or irritated skin

Eucerin Aquaphor Wound Care Ointment Expert skin care for damaged skin - clinically proven to accelerate skin regeneration

When skin is broken or irritated, or extremely dry or cracked, aiding skin regeneration becomes paramount. In these situations, providing the correct conditions for healing is vital. Skin needs a healthy amount of hydration to heal, yet excess moisture can slow healing and prevent regeneration.

Skin regeneration occurs best under a semi-permeable, protective barrier which maintains a natural rate of evaporation. Eucerin Aquaphor products are clinically proven to support the regeneration of damaged skin.

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The ointment is ideal for caring for superficial minor burns, but should not be used on open, wet or bleeding wounds.

Consult your doctor if you have an open wound that is taking longer than normal to heal or that you think might be infected.

Apply Eucerin Aquaphor Repairing Ointment regularly to cracked heels in winter so your feet are sandal-ready for the summer.

Do you suffer from cracked hands and cuticles? Eucerin Aquaphor Repairing Ointment is an ideal treatment.

Mothers find Eucerin Aquaphor Repairing Ointment can be helpful with baby’s chaffed skin in the diaper area.

Soothes skin after a chemical peel or laser treatment but should only be used once new tissue has formed (and not on open wounds). If in doubt, ask your dermatologist for advice.

The wound should be washed with tap water or cooled boiled water.
You should seek medical help if the wound was caused by an animal or if stitches are needed.