Eucerin products and their ingredients

Extensive research and passion for skin are the foundation of Eucerin’s high quality products. Naturally, Eucerin experts bestow great care on choosing ingredients for all products and limit the number. Nevertheless, in case of intolerance or allergies, it may be helpful to check for certain ingredients in our Ingredients Database.

Key Ingredient


Benefit function

SymSitive* is a soothing ingredient for sensitive skin. With its neurosensory activity, SymSitive* provides instant and long-lasting relief from stinging, burning, and itching. Skin discomfort like tingling, burning and itching is characterized by a hyperresponsiveness of sensory neurons and stimulation of the thermoreceptor TRPV1 (capsaicin receptor). 

The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2021 was awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for the discovery of temperature receptor such as TRPV1.

SymSitive* acts on the Nobel Prize awarded mode of action of TRPV1 actively soothes the feeling of tingling, itching and burning.

*registered trademark of Symrise, Germany

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