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Eucerin AtopiControl

Phase-adapted care for atopic skin


Avoid water that is too hot (>32°C) and take quick showers rather than long baths.

Avoid harsh cleansers and body washes which can strip skin of its natural oils and exacerbate symptoms.

Pat rather than rub skin dry and apply your care product immediately after showering.

Care products can be kept in the fridge as the cooling effect may offer additional itch relief.

Keep children’s nails short to reduce damage to their skin when they scratch.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity

Plumps up deep wrinkles and improves skin’s elasticity 


Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can cause skin aging, so always use formulas that offer UV protection such as Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity Day SPF 30 and SPF 15 

For prolonged exposure to the sun choose a dedicated sun protection product for your face such as Eucerin Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50 or Eucerin Sun Fluid Photoaging Control SPF 30

To reduce age spots and prevent their re-appearance apply Eucerin Hyaluron- Filler + Elasticity 3D Serum in the morning and/or evening before your moisturizer.

Skin repairs itself at night. Apply Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler + Elasticity Night before you go to sleep to support skin regeneration.

Give mature skin that extra bit of nourishment it needs by applying a caring oil such as Eucerin Elasticity + Filler Facial Oil alongside your moisturizer.

Eucerin pH5

Skin is more resilient and less sensitive to environmental triggers