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Kids Sun Lotion Sensitive Protect SPF 50+

Very high sun protection for babies and children
Suitable from 3 months old
Advanced Spectral Technology: UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS light defense

A superior sunscreen lotion for babies and children with ‘Anti-Stain After Wash’* technology.

Soothes and protects sensitive skin reducing the risk of long-term skin damage. Eucerin’s Advanced Spectral Technology offers very high UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS light defense. The sunscreen also support

Product info

Sunscreen lotion for kids

UV light is the main cause of sunburn, but high-energy visible (HEVIS) light can also trigger free radicals that cause further stress to skin.

Eucerin Kids Sun Lotion Sensitive Protect SPF 50+ is a sunscreen lotion for children that soothes sensitive young skin and protects it from sunburn and long-term sun-induced damage. The Advanced Spectral Technology combines broadband and photostable UVA and UVB filters1 for very high UV protection with Licochalcone A to neutralize free radicals caused by UV and HEVIS light.

The sunscreen for kids also includes Glycyrrhetinic Acid which supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism. Unperfumed, and extra water-resistant, it also includes Eucerin’s ‘Anti-Stain After Wash’* technology.

Eucerin Kids Sun Lotion Sensitive Protect SPF 50+ is clinically and dermatologically proven to be suitable for children’s sensitive skin. It can be used on babies and children from three months. * Helps to reduce the intensity of sunscreen stains after washing. (1) Meeting the high standards for UVA and UVB protection defined by Cosmetics Europe. The levels of UVA protection are higher than the EU recommendation.

Clinical and dermatological studies

Clinical and dermatological studies prove good skin tolerability on children’s sensitive skin.

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