Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Lotion

Regenerates skin's natural protection

A body lotion specially formulated for the needs of sensitive skin, providing 24-hour moisturisation.

Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Lotion is a gentle yet effective body lotion developed specifically for the needs of sensitive body skin. The formula contains 5% Dexpanthenol, an active ingredient that stimulates skin regeneration and strengthens skin's natural defences. It protects skin from irritation, has wound healing properties, and boosts skin’s natural moisture production with every use. Use daily for long-lasting protection and soft, smooth skin.

Clinical Studies

Dexpanthenol, an active ingredient in Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Lotion, is proven to help regenerate skin’s natural protective barrier, boosting hydration levels, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintaining skin’s protective barrier.

Main Findings

  • Skin moisture was significantly enhanced in volunteers treated with Eucerin Sensitive Skin products containing Dexpanthenol.
  • A further study confirmed the suitability of Eucerin pH5 products for use on allergy-stressed skin.



  • Apply daily (or more regularly if appropriate) after showering or bathing.
  • Massage gently until completely absorbed.

Women applies care on arm

Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Lotion if …

Try a different product if …

You have sensitive body skin, or suffer from type 1 allergies:

Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Lotion is an extremely gentle body lotion which helps to strengthen and rehydrate sensitive skin.

You want a moisturiser for sensitive facial and specially dry body parts:
You have very dry sensitive skin:

Try the rich, gentle Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Lotion F, or if you want a moisturizer for facial skin too, try Eucerin pH5 Cream Skin-Protection F.

You have dry, rough or tight skin:
You want a cleanser for sensitive skin:
You want a cream for the sensitive skin on your hands:
You want to protect and rehydrate your lips:

Try Eucerin Lip Active for daily care, or Eucerin Lip Repair for soothing and repairing chapped or cracked lips.

Frequently asked questions

Why does skin need protection?

Skin is one of our most important protective barriers. It defends the body from external influences such as changes in temperature, pollution, UV light and chemicals. But these external forces can impact on skin and cause it to become stressed. When skin is stressed it is unable to maintain its natural balance and bind and absorb water. The skin barrier function is compromised and it becomes prone to irritation and sensitivity. It’s important that we protect our skin daily so that it, in turn, is able to carry on its important work of protecting us.

What is the active principle of the Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection products?

Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection cleansers and moisturisers contain very mild, dermatologically tested ingredients formulated especially for the needs of sensitive skin and sensitive dry skin. These include Dexpanthenol, an active ingredient that stimulates skin regeneration and strengthens skin's natural protection day by day. It protects skin from irritation, has wound healing properties, and leaves skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. All of these products have excellent skin compatibility and protect your skin against daily environmental stress.

How can you tell if a product is safe for sensitive skin?

Eucerin Sensitive Skin products have been specially developed to combine excellent skin protection and regeneration with clinically proven skin tolerability. However, in general, if you’re trying out a new product, apply it repeatedly to skin at the flexure of the elbow. If it does not lead to redness, swelling or itching the product can be assumed to be compatible with your skin.

Talk to your dermatologist or pharmacist if you’re worried about any of your symptoms.

Eucerin pH5 Restores skin’s natural defenses with pH5 Balance System

Healthy skin is the body’s first and best defence against external irritants. But, when skin is dry and sensitive, its barrier function is compromised and it is prone to further dryness and sensitivity.

Eucerin pH5 is a comprehensive range of products that have been specially formulated to address the needs of dry sensitive skin. The unique Eucerin pH5 Balance System restores skin’s optimal pH level and strengthens skin’s natural defenses, making it more resilient to environmental triggers and reducing sensitivity. Many of the products also contain Dexpanthenol, which is known for its regenerative properties.

All products in the range – which includes body lotions, body creams and body cleansers – are clinically and dermatologically proven to be ideal for daily use on dry sensitive and allergy-prone skin. They protect skin from drying out, support long-lasting moisturisation and leave it looking and feeling soft and smooth.