Improves elasticity + plumps up deep wrinkles.

Elasticity + Filler Improves elasticity + plumps up deep wrinkles. For firmer, fresh and radiant skin.

As our skin ages, its structure changes. Elasticity, firmness, radiance and resilience reduce, and wrinkles increase. The loss of elasticity, combined with the appearance of deep wrinkles, is a primary ageing concern for many women with mature skin.


The Eucerin ELASTICITY+FILLER range has been specially formulated to tackle both these concerns and deliver multiple anti-ageing benefits. Both the day and night creams in the range contain Arctiin (an active proven to accelerate collagen renewal in skin cells) and Silymarin (a powerful antioxidant which protects collagen and elastin from degrading and improves skin circulation at a cellular level). The formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid to visibly plump up wrinkles. The care products are complemented by a smoothing face oil rich in essential oils.


The creams nourish thinning, fragile skin, strengthening its structure by improving elasticity and plumping up deep wrinkles. The smoothing, nourishing oil improves skin’s elasticity and supports resilience. All products leave skin feeling firm and smooth and looking fresh and radiant.
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Try to reduce smoking and drinking. Alcohol and nicotine increase the free-radical damage that speeds up skin ageing.
Our hormones fluctuate as we get older. A diet rich in phytoestrogens (which are plentiful in beansprouts, garlic, and many green vegetables) may help balance fluctuations and reduce the impact on skin.
UV rays can cause premature skin ageing, so always use formulas that offer SPF protection such as Eucerin ELASTICITY+FILLER Day Care with in-built sunscreen.
Use a targeted treatment such as Eucerin ELASTICITY+FILLER to strengthen the structure of ageing skin and bring new elasticity to problem areas.
Skin repairs itself at night. Apply Eucerin ELASTICITY+FILLER Night Care before you go to sleep to improve overnight skin regeneration.