The Pure Skin Camp in Review
Learning the right way to challenge acne

Pure bliss in paradise – the camp in pictures

In June, we brought together individuals from all over the world for an unforgettable event: The Pure Skin Camp. 22 influencers from 17 countries, who struggle with blemishes and acne, made their way to the idyllic Puradies Hotel in Leogang, Austria, for a five-day break from their busy everyday lives.

Experiencing the perfect routine

At the camp, they learned how to fight acne in the most effective way possible: by building up a new and improved routine that encompasses everything from skincare to fitness, nutrition and mental health exercises. Guided by professional experts, the participants got to dive into their new routines together and share the experience with each other. And now we can share what they learned with you:

Redefining the concept of beauty

Acne does not define you or control you. That is one of the biggest takeaways the camp participants learned at the Pure Skin Camp. We sat down with them to talk about their history of acne, what they loved about the camp and how the Pure Skin Camp has helped them rethink their outlook on life.

Acne can be fought in from the outside and from within. While the right makeup and our Dermopure skincare products can help you challenge acne and blemishes from the outside, nutrition, exercise and mental training can also ease your road to clear skin from within. In the end, incorporating all of these aspects into your routine is the best thing you can do for yourself and your skin. Our experts Dr. Markus Reinholz, Larn McShane, Anouk Visser, Gijs van Amerongen and Nina Park share 10 tips on how to combat acne effectively.

Note: These tips do not replace a health professional´s consultancy.

Skin secrets – these products are Influencer-approved

The perfect skincare routine against acne depends on your skin type. However, cleansing properly and soothing the skin with moisturizing products afterwards is key to every beauty routine. Before and during the camp, our camp participants had the chance to use our line of Dermopure products. To discover their favorites, watch the video below:

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